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One of the confusing decisions to make when changing your home’s exterior or choosing the brick color of your new fireplace, or even changing the color of the one you already have, is deciding whether to go for staining or painting the bricks, whichever is better for your house. If you have decided on staining, then you are in luck. Blue Dog Pro Painters, a painting company in Dallas, TX, has the perfect guide for how to stain brick properly.

How To Stain Brick

For starters, decide on the appropriate type of stain for your project. A way to do this is to visit a hardware store since they have stain samples that you can take home, or to your project, to figure out the desired shade for you. This helps you have a better image of what the project will look like in the end.

Types of Brick Stains To Choose From


This one is the most recommended for the majority of projects. That’s because water-based stains are easier to apply, properly seal the bricks to prevent any water build-up, and are more breathable which makes the bricks live longer.

Stains Mixed with Sealants

The sealants serve to make the coat waterproof, but this makes the bricks more prone to water damage over time. Hence, this type of brick stain is recommended only for smaller projects and those with bricks that are already flawed or porous. That’s because the sealant added creates a barrier of vapor which traps the water vapor between the bricks. This leads to the possibility of cracks occurring in the bricks or water damage.

Materials and Supplies Needed

  • A hose
  • Tape for painting
  • A Paintbrush
  • A power washer
  • Fabrics to protect floors
  • A soft brush
  • A lacquer thinner (only if there’s a sealant on the bricks)

When you’re done gathering everything you’ll need, follow these steps for a smooth and successful brick-staining project:

Prepare The Bricks

To prepare the bricks, you’ll need to clean them very well and ensure that there isn’t any sealant on them. You want to splash some water on the bricks, if it gathers and runs off, then there’s a sealant that you need to get rid of. Get a lacquer thinner and apply over the bricks. Leave it for around 10 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly. If there isn’t a sealant, simply wash with a gentle detergent and some water.

Prepare Yourself and the Area Around You

Lay a protective fabric on the floors, wear clothing you won’t need, and protective glasses before you start the project. Also, use the tape to seal the areas you don’t want the stain to get on.

Follow The Instructions

Carefully follow the instructions on the stain container, especially if you’re going to mix stain colors together. Remember the measurements in case you need to retouch so you can achieve the same shade later on.

The Application

Apply the stain by simply running the brush on the brick in a gentle, smooth, and single stroke. Make sure you cover all the corners well and stir the stain every time you insert the brush in again to ensure that the color is consistent.

Leave To Dry

Leave the stain to completely dry out, and don’t touch it with your hands so you don’t leave any marks. The time needed depends on the environment.

Staining the bricks isn’t a complicated job. With the right materials and instructions followed, a successful project and smooth application are ensured.

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