Is It Better To Paint or Stain Cedar Shingles

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Cedar shingles are a very unique option that many homeowners are opting for these days. Cedar shingles are super durable and very resistant to rot and insects, but they can grey over time. They will need to be re-coated to make sure that they keep working properly. At Blue Dog Pro Painters, a painting company in Fort Worth, TX, clients often ask if it is better to paint or stain cedar shingles.

Is It Better To Paint or Stain Cedar Shingles

Painting Cedar Shingles

There is a fundamental difference between painting cedar and staining it. While both may seem similar, they adhere to cedar very differently. Paint is a much thicker coating that completely covers the old wood, keeping wood gain from showing through. The paint will sit on the shingle’s surface, meaning that it will eventually peel and need to be repainted. If you paint your shingles, you are not going to be able to stain them until the paint has worn off completely. You can get paint for your shingles in any color that you’d like, meaning you can transform your roof with just a few coats. 

Staining Cedar Shingles

Stain is more translucent than paint and has less pigment. By staining cedar shingles, you will allow the wood’s original color to show. If your shingles happen to be porous, this will allow the stain to soak into the wood. By soaking into the wood, the stain will last much longer than paint. Your stain will also protect your shingles from ice, rain, and snow. Stains are available in either semi-transparent or a solid color form. The solid color stain will add better coverage and will look more like monochromatic paint.

 Before You Decide

Before making the final decision on whether to paint or stain your cedar shingles, you need to make sure that you do the following things:

  • Check your eaves to make sure that you know what original material was applied to your shingles. 
  • Check how easy the current paint or stain will come off.
  • Think about whether you would like to have a solid color or if you would like to have some of your shingle’s wood grain show through
  • Examine your cedar and think about what type of cedar you would like to use. There are Grades A, with knots, and Grade B, with no knots. 

We recommend that if you are going to take the measures listed above, that you do so with a painting contractor that has experience and has your best interest in mind. Luckily for you, Blue Dog Pro Painters has a full team of hardworking and dedicated painters that would like nothing more than to help make your dreams a reality.

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